If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then PMC is for YOU! 

The intricate web of connections that binds us all is a testament to the interdependence of human existence. Every action, no matter how small, sets off a ripple effect that resonates throughout our interconnected world. From the relationships we cultivate to the communities we build, the collective tapestry of humanity thrives on the symbiotic nature of our connections. The significance of people needing people extends beyond mere companionship; it fuels collaboration, empathy, and the shared pursuit of common goals. In acknowledging our interconnectedness, we recognize the profound impact each individual can have on the collective human experience. Ultimately, the strength of these connections form the foundation for a thriving and harmonious society. This has been broken down into 3 pillars of interconnection: connection with self, connection with others, and connection with the world. 

Connection with Self

Do you really know yourself? How much time do you spend alone? Do you know what you truly value and believe? Do you have hobbies you enjoy? These are some of the questions I would invite you to ask yourself to begin the process of really learning all about YOU!

Connection with Others

People thrive in community. We were never meant to live this life in isolation, yet so many people live their lives alone or with very few people around them. People need people. We need poeple to share experieces with, to talk to when we are feeling down, and to be there to cheer us on in the celebrations of life!

Connection with the World 

It is important for our wellbeing to experience the world around you. Whether that is explorying the city you live in, learning about a new culture, or traveling to destinations you have never been to. Learning about the world around you adds knowledge, compassion, and so much more to your life!

Benefits of being part of the PMC community!